A special announcement

Over the last few years Lumos Marketing has supported over 300 small businesses on their journey to becoming bigger businesses. We have grown a wonderful team, built over 150 websites, developed our own IP and published a book about it thanks to Wiley. We’ve spoken in front of thousands of people across WA and have had the pleasure of connecting with some of the most inspirational, talented and passionate people, many of whom have become good friends.

It has been an incredible journey that is now coming to an end. In the next few months, Lumos Marketing will be partnering with Ammo Marketing and our service offering will begin to wind down. This announcement holds a special place in my heart because it begins the next chapter of my journey as an author, consultant, tech co-founder (Quarterback) and a Mum.

Finding marketers that are as passionate about startups and growth as I am is a real treat, and Cam Sinclair and his exceptional team are absolutely amazing and a great fit for growth start-ups and innovative businesses seeking exceptional support.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to every client that has trusted us on their own journey, and to the wonderful Lumos Marketing team for their support and commitment over the last number of years. Here’s some of them below, they’re great.

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