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5 questions to ask when choosing a website design agency

By December 7, 2021No Comments
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So you’re considering hiring a website design agency to build you a website or jazz up your existing website?

It can feel like a big commitment, particularly if you have never worked with a website design agency in the past. When you meet with prospective agencies, it is important to gain an understanding of how they will approach the challenges your small business is facing and the solutions they will provide with your website. Here’s a few questions we recommend you asking:

  1. How do the websites you build perform in usability?

Asking this question will tell you if the website design agency builds websites with a strategic approach, drawing in the visitor and creating a simple and positive experience for them as they navigate the website.

If this is low on the priority list, they will talk little about website usability and talk more about fancy designs and cool videos. These types of websites may look great, but they do little to attract and engage website visitors.

Essentially, you want to hire an agency that is dedicated to building websites with user-centred design.

  1. Can you show me some websites you have built that have achieved my desired results?

It is important to find out if the website design agency you are considering hiring has the skills and experience to help you reach your website goals. Ask them to show you other websites that they have built that perform well for clients in the same way you are hoping your new website or updated website will perform if they build it.

As you discuss similar websites they have built, you can ask how the design helps the website achieves marketing goals. When a prospective website design agency is experienced in achieving goals similar to yours, you can feel confident trusting them with your website.

  1. What kind of costs can I expect with your website maintenance services?

Although the major up-front cost of building a new website or upgrading an existing website is the build itself, it is worth finding out what the ongoing costs are for website maintenance.

Does the website design agency require clients to be on a retainer?

What is the hourly rate for making changes to the website?

Do they offer training so you can log onto the content management system and make minor edits?

Once you find out some answers regarding ongoing management and support, it will help you find the right website design agency for your small business.

  1. What are the major benefits of working with you and your team?

First things first, you should ask any prospective website design agency about their company values. The best client-agency relationships are built upon shared values.

Next, you should find out what sets them apart from other website design agencies. This will give you a clear picture of the key benefits of engaging them to build you website.

  1. Do you offer other marketing services outside of website design?

Some small businesses hire multiple marketing agencies to take care of different parts of their marketing strategy, such as website, content marketing and social media and search engine optimisation.

However, there are benefits to hiring one agency who can take care of it all. They can be your one location for all your marketing needs.

Think about other marketing services your small business may benefit from and if you find a great website design agency who can support you with everything you need, they may be the one for you.’

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