Who we are

We are obsessed with helping business owners take control of their marketing and create fast, long term growth. Nothing pleases us more than helping a business owner understand what their marketing plan needs to do to achieve their 5 year business goals.

When it comes to marketing we have found most business leaders don’t feel like they have a grip. A lack of understanding, too many marketing methods, confusing data and inadequate results leave marketing at the very bottom of their list. They are frustrated and don’t know where to turn. So we created The Caterpillar marketing framework to solve these problems.

The Caterpillar is specifically designed for small to medium businesses. It is easy to understand, easy to implement and gives you the foundation you need for fast, reliable growth for years to come.


Our Purpose

Growing a business is hard. We want to make it easier for business owners to use marketing to help them achieve their vision.


of small business owners handle marketing efforts on their own


of small businesses think a marketing boost will help them achieve their full potential


... believe a lack of expertise is stopping them

Our Team

Our team is very enthusiastic about your business. We are driven by our purpose and use our values as our guiding principles.

Amy Miocevich


Andrew Salisbury

Project Coordinator

Maddi Ryan

Marketing Coordinator

Andrew Zorbas

Website Developer


Who we’ve helped

We have helped business leaders just like you to reach their business vision and create clarity around their growth. From marketing to education and ongoing support, we’ve got you covered.


The Caterpillar promotes the awareness of how important the engagement with our clients is on a number of levels.

Luke Roughan, Director - Scope Engineering

The Caterpillar clearly defines actions, systems and processes to fuel our growth strategy in marketing and sales.

Jenni Greville, Director - EX Engineering

For any business owner that is looking to engage new customers whilst also retaining your valued customer base I seriously recommend Lumos.

Ed Benier, Director - MODAL Pty Ltd

The Caterpillar – at its essence, a tool to understand what makes our business unique. Not only do we now know what’s possible, but we have a plan we’re implementing daily.

Veronica Rhodes, Owner - Antz (Inya Pantz) Coffee Co
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Very Good Marketing for Small Businesses

How to simplify your customer journey and unblock the bottlenecks stopping you from creating resilient growth.

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