Client Testimonials

We care about one thing only: the goals of our clients. So if they are kicking their goals then we are kicking ours. We asked them very kindly to explain all of this to you in a few short sentences. These sentences are below.

“By implementing The Caterpillar in our business, we have been able to connect all of the pieces of the puzzle and see why one part of our business cannot be successful without the other. We have started to see some huge benefits both externally when recruiting new customers, and internally when communicating why we do what we do.”

Renae FleggDirector - ADAPT by Design


“The Caterpillar has taken what was previously an overwhelming and difficult to understand concept and converted our marketing process into one that as a busy business owner I can understand and check in on regularly. It allows us to review our brand, purpose, marketing strategy and the actions we are taking to achieve the strategy with ease and contains its own easy to understand lingo that the whole company can use.”

Lauren HartFounder - Optimal Living Therapy


“The Caterpillar is a uniquely integrated model that creates a holistic systemised approach to sustainable business practices. This is more than just another marketing tool. For any business owner, Director or CEO looking to engage new customers whilst also retaining your valued customer base I seriously recommend it.”

Ed BenierDirector - MODAL Pty Ltd


“When starting our business, we had a strong grasp on what we needed to do in all areas except marketing. The Caterpillar model and gave us a tremendous vision of what could be achieved. With persistence and a clear strategy built around the Caterpillar model, the journey suddenly looked very clear.”

David StephenOwner - Spirit of Travel


“The support from Amy and the Lumos team has been one if true commitment and bespoke service as every company is different in their people and approach. We have really started to nail down our direction and focus in Marketing, BD and sales. We continue to learn, the environment is fantastic and The Caterpillar promotes the awareness of how important the engagement with our clients is on a customer service based approach and how we interact with them on a number of levels.”

Luke RoughanDirector - Scope Engineering


“The real value of The Caterpillar is the embedding of the respective Teams for each stage of the Caterpillar which gives everyone in ESM a sense of shared purpose working together on building something beyond their day to day roles.”

Claudia Van DijkLeader of People - ESM Strata


“The Lumos Marketing experience has given us clarity where there was grey. Our initial brief, simply to align our team on what is possible, has cascaded into a coherent and systemic approach to engage our business, our customers and our community. In an area that many small business owners find daunting, confusing and murky, Amy and her Lumos team have taken our team on the Caterpillar journey – at its essence, a tool to understand what makes our business unique. Not only do we now know what’s possible, but we have a plan we’re implementing daily”

Veronica RhodesOwner - Antz (Inya Pantz) Coffee Co


“Before Lumos marketing there was no structure to our growth systems and as a result we didn’t understand where to start. We had done zero marketing to date but didn’t want to move forward with a system we had no confidence in. As business owners The Caterpillar has given us a visual structure that’s easy to identify with, follow and communicate to our team. The Caterpillar clearly defines actions, systems and processes to fuel our growth strategy in marketing and sales. Our team now understand, use and improve The Caterpillar system and we can really see it all coming together.”

Jenni GrevilleOwner - EX Engineering


“Having worked with marketing companies before, I was not overly excited about the prospect going through what I viewed as the ‘chore’ of redesigning our website. I was encouraged by a colleague, who’s opinion I value, to meet with the Lumos team as he assured me we would have a very different experience……..and we certainly did!! The Caterpillar process Amy went through was so profoundly useful. It enabled Lumos to truly understand our business (which is often difficult to describe) and more importantly, it created a framework to explore exactly what services we wanted to be offering and how to clearly articulate them. The end result is that our referral partners have been so much happier to pass on our details to potential clients as we have made it so easy for them and thus,we as a business are now totally proud of our brand and story. The ‘Caterpillar' has totally morphed into the ‘Butterfly'!”

Hazel RubyRuby Cubes


“Lumos was instrumental in making my brand messaging clear, direct and targeted. Prior to this my brand messaging was unclear. In a word- "amazing". I am so impressed with the Lumos team that I would recommend them highly to anyone looking to brand their services and build a website. Importantly, Lumos service is 10/10 during and also after the sale too!”

Laz RabinOwner - PhysioMechanics


… (you’d be crazy not to)

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