ASX Listed Web Build

It can get tiring having to constantly update the ASX with announcements and sending out emails.

However, investors need the latest information to make decisions, making it crucial for you to get the latest updates about your business out.

If a potential investor can’t gather up the information they need from you, they’ll be left confused and frustrated. When you want them to feel excited and confident instead.

At Lumos Marketing, we can implement ASX automatons onto your website so the hassle of manually updating and setting up the latest information is no longer a worry.

If you need a website with consistently updated information, send us an enquiry today.

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What we can help you with:

Automated Announcements

  • No need for manual ASX announcement uploads again
  • Categorise your announcements by type
  • Styled to suit website design
ASX Announcements | Lumos Marketing | ASX Listed Website
News & Media | Lumos Marketing | ASX Listed Website

News & Media


  • Styled to suit your company website
  • Keep company looking dynamic and fresh

Automated Emails

  • Connect your ASX announcement to your subscription list
  • Sync in option with MailChimp
  • Choose categories to email
Automated Email Announcements | Lumos Marketing | ASX Listed Website
Automated Email Announcements | Lumos Marketing | ASX Listed Website
Customisable ASX Website | Lumos Marketing | ASX Listed Website

Customised and Managed by you

  • Easily accessible web pages that can be updated and managed by you
  • Quick and easy guides to have you navigate updates
  • Full support from our team


How long will the set up take?

The set up will depend on how large your website contents are but it should take between 1-2 business depends upon receiving the invoice.

Can I manage and make changes to the website myself?

Yes, we will set up guides in place for you so that you will have full control over customising and managing the website yourself.

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