Afterpay for your business: will it impact your conversions?

By ECommerce

Afterpay is essentially a buy now, pay later merchant service that offers a credit alternative to handing over cold hard cash right at the checkout, interest-free. And it isn’t just online that shoppers are given the option to take home their goods without payment – physical bricks and mortar stores are now offering Afterpay payments over the counter through the Afterpay App. Regardless of whether you have chosen to use Afterpay or not, there is no denying that it is quickly making waves in the E-Commerce world – whether we a choose to use it or not. As of the start of this year, over 1 million customers are using it with an 86% repeat level of business. Afterpay makes some hefty conversion rate claims, bragging a conversion rates increase of 22% for fashion retailers like Veronika Maine, 25% for General Pants, 10% increase for Cue and 15% for Princess…

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