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Do I need a SSL certificate for my small business website?

By November 23, 2021No Comments
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Have you ever come across this?

Or ever wondered why some sites have http:// while others have https://? Perhaps you’ve even picked up that some websites have this padlock icon before the URL.

Well, then you’ve stumbled across a powerful but small technology called SSL, also known as “Secure Sockets Layer.”

What is a SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate is a type of digital certificate that provides authentication for a website and enables an encrypted connection. This ensures that all of the data that gets passed through between the web server and the browser remain private. It is a security technology tool to stop hackers from intercepting your confidential information, such as passwords and credit card details, on an unsecured website.

Why do I need a SSL certificate?

As an increasing amount of people begin to prefer working from home options due to the pandemic, hackers have directed their attention to cyber attacks making cybersecurity very important. This is where SSL certificates come to play and if your small business website requests personal information from a user, such as an email address or payment information, it is now more important than ever for your website to have a SSL certificate to ensure a secure connection.

An SSL certificate helps secure information on your website such as:

  • Email addresses
  • Credit card and bank account details
  • Personally identifiable information e.g. full name, address, date of birth
  • Login and passwords
  • Legal documents
  • Medical records

How can I get an SSL certificate for my small business website?

For most small business websites, a standard SSL certificate will cover your content. Usually your website host provider has the option to add in a free SSL certificate or you can pay extra to obtain a custom certificate. Most of these SSL certificates are only valid for one to two years, so make sure that your certificates are stayed up to date.

Lumos Marketing ensure that every single one of our clients’ websites has a SSL certificate attached to their website before handing over the website to the client. If you would like to check whether your website is securely protected – reach out to us here.

How can I tell whether my small business website has SSL?

On top of using free website tools such as SSL Shopper and Digicert, where you can check if a website has a SSL certificate, there are a couple of differences between a secured website.

  1. URL says ‘https://’

An SSL-encrypted website will always have that ‘s’ after ‘http’ that tells you that it is secure. Sometimes, it may be highlighted in green.

  1. A padlock icon appears in the URL bar

Another indicator is that a padlock will show up on the left or right hand side of the URL bar, depending on your browser.

  1. The certificate is valid

If you click onto the padlock, there is an option to read more information about the website and certificate. On Safari, it tells you whether the certificate is valid and when it expires. Make sure your SSL certificate has not expired before you start asking for customer’s personal information.

A SSL certificate is an important security technology tool that is considered fundamental to websites online today and without one will heavily impact whether your customer will want to do business with you. If you would like to learn more about SSL certificates and how you can implement it into your small business website, contact Lumos Marketing here.

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