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If you aren’t utilising email marketing in Perth, you should be. Email marketing is used by many businesses of all sizes throughout the world. At Lumos Marketing, we offer email marketing services in Perth to help you engage your customers and prospects and boost your brand loyalty.

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Benefits of Email Marketing

Email is a part of our daily lives because it’s such a reliable form of communication. People of all ages check their inboxes every day, so it makes sense to reach out to them there. Here are a few of the most important benefits of email marketing services.

Targeted, personalised content

Email marketing is an opportunity to segment your customers into various lists based on their preferences so that you can create highly personalised content. Adjusting your message for different audiences helps keep your emails engaging.

Stronger customer relationships

Your customers and prospective customers appreciate a good email. They’ll notice the time and effort it takes to draft the perfect email. You may not be able to reach all of your customers by phone or in person, but email helps bridge the gap.

Increased traffic to your website

Emails are an effective way to attract people to your website. Your emails can contain relevant links to your site to encourage your audience to engage with other pieces of quality content on your website or blog. You can also include social sharing buttons to invite your readers to promote your content across their own channels.

The opportunity to establish authority

When you operate a business, one of your primary goals is to be viewed as highly knowledgeable in your industry. Your customers sign up for your newsletters because they want to hear what you have to say. Use the opportunity to present yourself as an authority in your field.

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Our promises

Value for money

“In one word, 'Amazing'. I am so impressed with the Lumos team and what they have delivered for my budget.”

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Exceptional service

“The support from the Lumos team has been one of true commitment and bespoke service. We have nailed our focus.”

Luke RoughanScope Engineering
Achieves results

“We came up with a plan with Lumos and three months later our monthly sales have more than doubled!”

Lyndall MitchellASPAR

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Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Perth Email Marketing

Personal, professional, and promotional emails make up the billions of emails that are sent every day. However, clogged inboxes do not automatically translate to high engagement rates. It can be hard to stand out with so many messages, but you can accomplish it by avoiding these common mistakes.

Sending too many emails.

When you first begin your email marketing, you are likely to send highly structured and scheduled emails. However, as you start to see some success with these, it can be tempting to think “more is better.” You should avoid this temptation because too many emails are a sure-fire way to turn your audience off.

Failing to provide clear options.

If you offer multiple email subscriptions for various audiences, you may (mistakenly) assume that your customers want to sign up for all of them. Giving them more control over which newsletters they receive can help keep them engaged rather than simply unsubscribing from everything.

Crowding or overdesigning your emails.

As you try to streamline the number of emails you send, you may be tempted to overcrowd the ones you do send with too much information. Instead, keep your emails simple. Stick to one main message in each email and ensure that your message is tied directly back to the subject line. Also, make sure that your emails load quickly and look good on mobile devices so that your readers don’t become frustrated by bulky images.

About Lumos Marketing

Lumos Marketing offers a range of marketing services, including email marketing solutions, graphic design, consulting, websites, and more. As Perth’s #1 small business marketing provider, we have proven frameworks and methods that deliver results. If you have a small business with one to 25 or so staff members, let us help your Perth email marketing succeed.

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