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How do I choose images for my website

By September 23, 2021November 12th, 2021No Comments
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When it comes to showcasing your company online, it is so important to harness photography and imagery to demonstrate to communicate with your customers quickly. This is because imagery can connect with people much faster and clearer than words can, and they are your best chance to impact your audience.

But selecting and taking images for your site can often be a challenge. So we have put together a few things to consider when it comes to website photography so that you know where to start.

Paint a picture of success

When someone is browsing your website, you want to very clearly explain to them that what you are selling is going to take them from where they are now, to where they want to be. The easiest way to do that is to use images that paint a picture of success.

For example, if you are selling fire alarms, you want to use images of people that are relaxed and calm – knowing that they have a fire alarm to warn them of any potential danger.

This is because people will buy products that meet their internal needs. So when you show images of those needs being met you will connect with customers on a deeper level.

Use photography with people

Another thing to consider when selecting photography is how much you are featuring people in your images. Although your company may sell physical goods, or may sell to other businesses, the people making decisions will always connect more with images of a person rather than images of equipment or landscapes. Often it is recommended that you select images that have your target customers depicted. This creates a mirror effect, where the person browsing may recognise themselves depicted in a success image on your site and resonate with your company more.

Try not to take this too literally though – even just a person with a smile on is going to connect more than a blank landscape to a potential customer, even if they have no other physical similarities.

Also consider using images of your staff or team members in your photography. This makes it a lot more realistic and less staged. It helps customers connect with your business through your website photography.

Stock images: what to be aware of

Purchasing, rather than taking your own images, can be a great way to finish off your website with professionalism and less of a logistical hassle. However selecting stock images can often be hard, especially when there are so many to choose from and a variety of different prices. Your website developer will often be able to help you select stock images that are right for your brand and right for your website.

When selecting stock images, consider the same rules as above: choose images that depict success and try to find some with people in them. Also try and stay clear of stock images that appear “cold” or “staged” and see if you can find ones that are more authentic.

Some good places to find free website photography:

Some good places to find paid website photography:

Consider illustrations and graphics

Images and graphics are also a good idea if you are unable to source real photography for your website, or if your branding encourages it. There are many different places you can look for illustrations and graphics.

Custom design

You can use tools like Fiverr or Freelancer to have graphics and illustrations for your website custom designed for you and your brand. You can also talk to a graphic design expert about having these made for you. It is important that these graphics explain visually what you are trying to communicate, what problem you solve and what success looks like in a really simple way.

Stock graphics

Similar to photography, you can purchase stock illustrations and graphics that are already designed and branded to suit exactly what it is you want to communicate. A great place to look for these are:


Select a photographer in Perth

If you want to take images yourself for your website, you can select a photographer in Perth that can work with you and your web developer to create a look and feel that best articulates your business to your customers. When considering a photographer in Perth you may need to talk to them about the following things:

  • Do they charge by the hour or do they have a package?
  • Do I receive all the photos at the end of the session or a fixed number?
  • Are the photos edited before they are delivered?
  • Will the photographer come to our location? Will that be an extra cost?
  • Will all the people in the photographs give their permission for use?

How much does a website photographer charge?

Website photographers will normally charge between $80 – $250 per hour for photography and editing work. They may charge you for the final output of images or restrict you to a selection of images. They may also charge you for travel time, or for equipment hire depending on your requirements.

Image placement on your website

Considering where your website photography is going to appear on your website is something you should do at the outset of your project because it will determine the composition of your photography. Here are a few different things to be aware of:

  • Landscape images work best on websites especially if they are being used behind text, or across long strips of content.
  • Photographs with negative space will mean you can apply text over one side of the image without interrupting the message.

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