Premium Content Marketing at Small Business Prices

You need to stay active online to stay at the front of your client’s (and potential client’s) minds.

When they eventually have a problem that your business is able to solve, you’ll be the first person they call.

But having the discipline to consistently post new content on social media, write new articles and send captivating emails is hard.

Well, it doesn’t need to be.

We work with you to intimately understand your brand so we can create and manage your content marketing plan effectively.

Services include:

  • LinkedIn management
  • Facebook management
  • Instagram management
  • Email marketing
  • Article creation

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Our promises

Value for money

“In one word, 'Amazing'. I am so impressed with the Lumos team and what they have delivered for my budget.”

Laz RabinPhysio Mechanics
Exceptional service

“The support from the Lumos team has been one of true commitment and bespoke service. We have nailed our focus.”

Luke RoughanScope Engineering
Achieves results

“We came up with a plan with Lumos and three months later our monthly sales have more than doubled!”

Lyndall MitchellASPAR

Or just get in touch with our team.


Every week we share one, extremely actionable tip for you to implement immediately.

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