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Words grow your business

When it comes to your website, assembling words on your website page is no easy feat. Even if you’re very well rehearsed at articulating what your business does and how it helps people in person, displaying that text on a website is especially tricky because:

  • Users have a short attention span when reading websites
  • Your website copy needs to convince people to take action
  • You have to explain what your business does in simple and plain language
  • It needs to be enhanced for SEO

If your website copy doesn’t do a good job, you may lose visitors you have paid money to have land on your website! That is why you need a professional website copywriter.

At Lumos Marketing, we write all your website copy for you as part of our Website and WordPress Web development packages. We do this after undertaking a website workshop with you. The reason it works so well for conversion rates and performance is because we are expert copywriters who can take complex information about your company and work with you to structure it in a way that is easy to understand by someone who has never met you before.

We utilise the StoryBrand framework by Donald Miller which is a universally recognised framework for communicating your company effectively offline and online. We have found that utilising this method for website copywriting always leads to the website performing better for metrics such as time on page, pages visited and (of course) conversion rates.


What copywriting do you do?

When it comes to copywriting, the best thing you can do for your business is have one set of words that clearly explain what it is you do, who you do it for, what problems you solve and how they can work with you. This copy will be written in the same tone of voice every time and include the same wording, descriptors, tense and reference to your own company (eg. third person, first person etc).

We produce the following copy for you:

  • Above the fold text (what appears first on your website)
  • Your one-liner
  • Your company overview – short (for use on Linkedin, directory listings etc)
  • Your company overview – long (for your about us page)
  • Introduction copy with problem, solution statements
  • Product and services copy

Once assembled this copy can be used anywhere. See some of our work in our portfolio.


What do you mean – tone of voice?

Your company and brand has its own unique voice – and it is extremely important that company documents including your website and marketing material, have that same tone of voice. It is an essential part of branding.

Take, for example these two brands. Right away you can ascertain their own unique tone of voice.

Antz Coffee Co“If your workplace is still brewing generic coffee beanz from the middle ages then it might be time to convince them to upgrade to a brand that makes people happier and is also good for the planet.”

VEEM Marine: “Our passion for performance and innovation is supported by manufacturing and engineering excellence, the evidence of which is in leading results and outstanding performance for vessels all over the world.”

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How much does website copywriting cost?

Website Copywriting comes at many different costs from $40 – $250 per hour depending on a few factors such as: complexity of your product, purpose of the content, whether you need SEO included and the experience of the copywriter.

Most businesses make the mistake of writing content themselves – which can be great, except internally-written or provided content can be really detrimental because:

  • You know your products too intimately (your language doesn’t speak to a stranger)
  • There are no marketing or sales principles written into the content
  • Structure or logic is often missing from content
  • No SEO inclusions have been considered

Hiring a professional copywriter can solve all of these problems. If you build a website with us, we include professional copywriting in all of our packages or contact us and ask us how much does website copywriting cost for your business.