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Very important and fun website workshops

Let’s get on the same page before we start building yours… Your website pages… Pages on your website.

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Website Workshops

Let’s spend some time together to plan your build

The majority of website developers in Perth and across the world don’t build websites the same way that we do. Perhaps you have had this experience before: you engage a website developer, you send them your branding guide, and they ask you for all your website copy and then throw it together and give you 4 hours worth of revisions.

This design process is backwards in so many ways. Even if (best case scenario) you end up with a great looking website, it will likely not work to convert your visitors into leads because:

  • It was not written professionally to convert visitors or capture short attention spans
  • The site wasn’t designed in a logical way to communicate your services/products
  • No proven frameworks like Storybrand were built into the layout
  • It wasn’t considered as part of a wider marketing strategy
  • It was not built on a platform that was easy for you to manage in the future
  • SEO was not considered or implemented

These things are almost worse than if you had not had your website re-built in the first place.

For years and years, this way of developing websites was the norm – and most businesses found the process of re-building quite overwhelming because of the amount of copy, decisions and elements they had to have ready ahead of time.

We wanted to change that and our Website Workshops are just the beginning.

Getting to know you and your business is an important part of any website build, and our website workshop is the perfect opportunity to understand who you are and what outcomes you are looking for so that we are on the exact same page when we do things like source images and write copy.

Our website workshops usually run for 2 – 4 hours at our office or yours, depending on the size of your website, number of pages and how complex your services are.

Learn more about what we cover in our website workshop below.

What to expect in a website workshop



We start by discussing your goals and the purpose of your website to determine what a successful outcome would be for all stakeholders

Evaluation of your current site

Together we discuss what you dislike, what is not working, what elements you do like and what results you are achieving so that we can make a plan for the re-build.

Service Sense-Making

Let's go through your product/services chart and work out the best way of laying out your company online. The less brain calories your future customers need to understand what you are selling - the better.


Lets have a go together at your one liner or your above-the-fold message. This will help both of us clearly articulate what it is that you do and who you do it for.

Look and Feel

Aside from your branding guide, what do you want your site to look like. Together we look at sites online, site inspiration from leading designers and our suite of existing projects.

Hit List

Lastly, we go through a hit list of the items required to complete the site. These are items for you to source (such as any logos, images, diagrams), things we can organise for you (photography) and things we will be doing that need approval (graphic design, copywriting).

Website Workshop FAQ’s

How long does the workshop go for?

This workshop goes for 2 – 4 hours depending on the complexity of your website and your requirements. It can be attended by as many people from your organisation as you would like as well as 1 – 2 members of our team.

How much does a website workshop cost?

Our website workshops are free when purchasing any of our website development packages. If you would like to purchase a website workshop without a website development package (for example, if you would like to build your own website or take your project elsewhere) the cost of the workshop will be $150 per hour.

What do I leave with?

During the workshop, we will work through the items listed above and summarise all decisions for our internal records. We will send you a confirmation of these as well as a list of all the items that are remaining or required for us to get onto the build.