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Are you getting the most out of your marketing budget?

It can be tricky navigating the world of marketing and even more frustrating when figuring it out all while being a small business owner. With its buzzwords, ever increasing social platforms, marketing agencies that don’t end up adding value and questioning whether this is the best way to spend your marketing budget can leave you feeling frustrated and confused. On top of that, small businesses don’t always have the necessary budgets to compete with large companies with access to big budgets.

Lumos Marketing wants to change that as the #1 small business provider in marketing offering premium marketing services at affordable rates. We use proven frameworks to work through your customer journey in order to map out a custom marketing strategy for you. Following that, we also build high-converting websites for small businesses that generates sales and fits your budget.

As a proud partner of the Restaurant & Catering Industry Association of Western Australia, we want to help you simplify the process and reach your business goals.


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What’s on offer?


Website Development

Convenience is becoming a game-changer within the hospitality industry. On top of being fast-paced and flexible, diners expect access to a restaurant at their fingertips. A beautiful but functional website that is mobile-friendly is becoming an expectation and small businesses that offer this flexibility tend to be ahead of the game.

Your website is one stop shop for your diners who want these three questions answered for them:

  • When are you open?
  • What do you serve?
  • Where are you located?

If a diner can’t find any information on your restaurant or their questions aren’t answered, the probability of them visiting your restaurant is highly unlikely.

Lumos Marketing can help you get set up and build a website that gets diners through the door using proven frameworks that work for small businesses.

Lumos Marketing: Perth Small Business Marketing

Strategy & Consulting

Creating a unique plan for marketing your business is essential to achieving your goals. Whether that may be increasing your restaurant’s revenue, expanding the business or increasing your overall customer base. Located in our office in Subiaco, this 3-hour workshop will help you:

  • Map out your business and provide you with a customised marketing strategy
  • Set up a marketing hit list on the spot such as social media support or Google business listing
  • Understand the customer journey so you can tackle your bottlenecks

Businesses don’t have to waste their marketing budget. Businesses that have a good understanding of their marketing framework are able to make informed decisions about growing their business and spend their budgets wisely.

Lumos Marketing utilises the Caterpillar Framework™ – a simple and powerful marketing framework to help you simplify the process and understand exactly where you need to grow your business and keep your diners coming back.

$1000 + GST

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What’s included?

What’s included?

Squarespace Website

Easy-to-use, functional and practical for people who don’t have much web design experience, Lumos Marketing can help you set up your own restaurant & catering’s website using Squarespace. We will guide you throughout the process and ensure the website aligns with your brand while encapsulating the business’ core marketing framework in order to make it a high-converting website.

Integration to a Reservations System

Perhaps you already have a website, but you want to make the switch to digital and offer further convenience for your diners. Lumos Marketing can help integrate a reservations system into your website, ensuring that your diners have easy access to make or reschedule a reservation online and your booking process is made simple.


Branding helps you stand out within an oversaturated market. Clear branding helps diners remember what you stand for, build a loyal customer base, and offer credibility. Lumos Marketing can help you develop a branding strategy and a brand guideline which helps you build valuable relationships with your diners and set the tone for your strategy making it easier for you to make business decisions.

Copywriting Advice

Not sure what to say in your social media captions? Or if you should write anything down at all? Lumos Marketing are big believers in simple and effective communication and we want you to send out a message that is not only valuable to your customer base but upholds your business’ mission and values. We can offer copywriting advice for your team that can help you send off the right message.

One Day Workshop

Understand your complete marketing framework and allocate your marketing budget wisely with this 3-hour one day workshop. Lumos Marketing will help clarify your messages, break down your customer journey into five steps, identify your growth bottlenecks and understand how to measure your marketing in order to achieve growth.

Caterpillar Framework™ Marketing Strategy

Using the Caterpillar Framework™ – a simple and powerful marketing framework to help you simplify the process and understand exactly where you need to grow your business – we will sit down with you to come up with a customised and unique marketing strategy that works just for your business. The marketing strategy will allow you to know exactly what business decisions to make next and clarify all of your questions regarding marketing.

Website Wireframe

Your website is your digital shop window and whether your diners come inside and purchase something from your shop depends entirely on the layout of your shop. In digital terms, this is called the website wireframe. Lumos Marketing can help you map out a sitemap and wireframe of your website so that it covers all of your diner’s questions and provides convenience and functionality for them to make a reservation or make an order.

Brand Script

Your diners encounter so many different messages everyday. It’s important to explain and clearly communicate your message across that everyone knows exactly what you’re trying to communicate and connect with your diners. Lumos Marketing can help you set up a brand script and guide you to write copy that enhances your brand and elevates your diners.

Essential Marketing Hit List

We understand that marketing to the everyday small business owner can be confusing to tackle but not being able to understand of where you should be listing your business or which platform to communicate your message across can be detrimental to your business. Lumos Marketing can help you knock out all of the essential marketing hit lists such as setting up a valuable Google Business listing and providing social media support.


Limited places available each month


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