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Grow Your Company Through Small Business Marketing in Perth

Within the first three years, up to 60 percent of businesses in Australia fail.

Hiring a firm that concentrates on small business marketing in Perth can help get your company going and keep it top of mind. When you open your own company, you no longer have to think about your financial situation, but also that of your staff members.

While most marketing agencies cater to more corporate companies, with many employees, Lumos Marketing was created with smaller businesses in mind.

Very Good Marketing For Small Business by Amy Miocevich | Book for Small Business Marketing

Common Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Small Business Marketing Agency

When starting your business, you need to let potential customers know that your company exists, what you offer, and where they can find you. New business owners should seek out an agency that complements your company’s needs.

The Problem
with choosing the cheapest options

There are many marketing agencies around, and while some may charge less than others, this doesn’t necessarily make them the right agency for you. As a new business person, you may decide to use the cheapest option to save money, but should the agency not fulfill your requirements, it may end up costing you more in the long run.

The Problem
with no clear plan in place

When you approach an agency, it is important to have some sort of marketing plan in place, this will give the agency an idea of what you require from them, and they can assist you with extending on it, giving you a well-rounded marketing plan.

The Problem
with your marketing budget

Setting aside a certain amount of capital for advertising and marketing is an essential part of being a business owner. Approaching a marketing firm with a budget will give them a clear idea of which marketing strategies to use to promote your business and to stay within the budget. If your company is a start-up, you will need a bigger budget than that of an existing business.

Marketing services priced for small business and guaranteed to generate results.

We use proven marketing frameworks and specialise in your specific growth phase. We also guarantee premium services at a fair price.

Lumos Marketing: Strategy | Perth Small Business Marketing

Strategy & Consulting
Create a powerful marketing strategy for your business using The Caterpillar Framework™ in our signature One Day Workshop.

Lumos Marketing: Websites | Perth Small Business Marketing

Affordable, beautiful and easy to use websites that clarify and communicate your company message to drive conversions and grow revenue.

Lumos Marketing: Graphic Design | Perth Small Business Marketing

Graphic Design
Simple, affordable and powerful graphic design support for your business using proven layouts, concepts and designs that achieve your goals.

Lumos Marketing: Content Marketing | Perth Small Business Marketing

Content Marketing
Keep your business alive online and drive your marketing forward with professional content marketing and copywriting support that builds relationships.

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Benefits of Working with a Small Business Marketing Service.

Marketing your business is essential to the growth of your business. Many agencies will be able to assist you with the right marketing options specific to your needs. Hiring a firm will give you the exposure you need.

  • More value at a lower cost. If you use in-house marketing, it will cost you more as you will need to hire more employees, such as a marketing manager, writer, and designer. All of these new employees will end up costing your business more, whereas a marketing agency already has all these people in place to work on your marketing campaigns.
  • Achieve your expectations. The agency you decide to work with will have access to data and trends and then analyse these to put together the right strategy that will work for your business. During campaigns, they will also adjust their approach, should the current one not be as efficient as it should.
  • Access to the latest trends. Marketing agencies know about trends such as mobile marketing, keyword research, and social media marketing. They know how to use these platforms to optimise your company’s exposure.
Very Good Marketing For Small Business by Amy Miocevich | Book for Small Business Marketing

“Lumos Marketing improved our website so that visitors are now spending double the amount of time on our site and our website enquiries have more than tripled.”

Lauren Hart, Owner of Optimal Living Therapy

Lumos Marketing | Lauren Hart | Small Business Marketing

“I have friends who run businesses and almost everyone has a story about being burned by a marketing agency. Lumos’ support has been one of true commitment and bespoke service. They are our trusted marketing partner.

Suzanne McGrechan, Director at ADAPT by Design

Lumos Marketing: ADAPT by Design | Perth Small Business Marketing

“Lumos Marketing has been our trusted marketing company for years. Whenever we need advice, support or a solution, we turn to Amy and the team.”

Dean Gilkison, Director at Broadleaf Financial Group

Lumos Marketing: Broadleaf Financial Group | Perth Small Business Marketing

Supporting Small Business in Perth to achieve their Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals.

Trusted by local businesses.

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“In one word, 'Amazing'. I am so impressed with the Lumos team and what they have delivered for my budget.”

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Exceptional service

“The support from the Lumos team has been one of true commitment and bespoke service. We have nailed our focus.”

Luke RoughanScope Engineering
Achieves results

“We came up with a plan with Lumos and three months later our monthly sales have more than doubled!”

Lyndall MitchellASPAR

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Why Use Small Business Marketing

Employing the assistance of a marketing agency will help create your presence through advertising, digital marketing, and eventually word of mouth.

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