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Very Good Marketing for Small Business

Very Good Marketing for Small Business is a simple marketing guidebook for founders and leaders that want to achieve growth. Using her innovative framework called the Caterpillar, author Amy Miocevich takes readers on a journey that not just makes sense of marketing, but also gives readers practical instructions on how to implement an agile strategy in their organisation that achieves long term, reliable growth.

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Praise for the Caterpillar

As business owners the Caterpillar has given us a visual structure that’s easy to identify with, follow and communicate to our team. The Caterpillar clearly defines actions, systems and processes to fuel our growth strategy in marketing and sales. Our team now understand, use and improve The Caterpillar system and we can really see it all coming together.

Jenni Greville

The real value of The Caterpillar is the embedding of the respective teams for each stage of the Caterpillar which gives everyone in our organisation a sense of shared purpose working together on building something beyond their day to day roles.

Claudia Van Dijk

The Caterpillar promotes the awareness of how important the engagement with our clients is on a customer service based approach and how we interact with them on a number of levels across all the touch points of our organisation.

Luke RoughanInstructor, Skate Nao

The Caterpillar model and gave us a tremendous vision of what could be achieved. With persistence and a clear strategy built around the Caterpillar model, the journey suddenly looked very clear.

David Stephen

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