The Caterpillar

The Caterpillar is a marketing framework that makes a lot of sense (and cents)

  • Map your customer journey into 5 touch points
  • Create a strategy for each touch point
  • Measure what’s working
  • Share it with your organisation
  • Constantly improve

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Your Customer Journey System

The Caterpillar framework is a visual representation of your customer’s journey through your business – from when they are a stranger all the way through to when they become a lifetime customer.

Every great journey is made up of a series of small and simple choices. Your customer journey is exactly the same. Every step on their journey is a choice – a choice to proceed or a choice to leave.

When you articulate the customer journey into a simple and easy to understand linear system, you can clearly see what parts are working, and what parts are not by evaluating the percentage of people moving from one stage to the next. 

Sometimes there is a 3% chance they proceed, sometimes a 50% chance. Understanding that concept is the first and most vital ingredient in Marketing. What we are dealing with is a game of conversions. And those conversions are directly related to whether your marketing is “working” or not.

Caterpillar Framework | Very Good Marketing For Small Business


The Marketing system is all about how you attract strangers to your business. It’s purpose is to bring people to your shop window.

Shop Window

Where do strangers go to get to know you better? Often this is your website, but it could be something else. Convert your customers to a lead here.


How well are you converting your leads into customers? Your sales system needs to be codified and improved every day to generate growth.

Product Delivery

How you deliver your products makes a big difference. Use intelligent techniques to guarantee your customers refer you and repurchase again and again.

Lifetime Customer

Your most valuable customers are your lifetime ones. Create a system for engaging them to repurchase and refer you to everyone they meet.

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Don’t take our word for it

We have helped business leaders implement The Caterpillar into their organisation to great success.

Lumos Marketing: Perth Small Business Marketing

Ed Benier, Director – MODAL Pty Ltd

The Caterpillar is a uniquely integrated model that creates a holistic systemised approach to sustainable business practices. This is more than just another marketing tool. For any business owner, Director or CEO looking to engage new customers whilst also retaining your valued customer base I seriously recommend it.

Lumos Marketing: Perth Small Business Marketing

Lauren Hart, Director – Optimal Living Therapy

The Caterpillar has taken what was previously an overwhelming and difficult to understand concept and converted our marketing process into one that as a busy business owner I can understand and check in on regularly. It allows us to review our brand, purpose, marketing strategy and the actions we are taking to achieve the strategy with ease and contains its own easy to understand lingo that the whole company can use.

Lumos Marketing: Perth Small Business Marketing

Renae Flegg, Director – ADAPT by Design

By implementing The Caterpillar in our business, we have been able to connect all of the pieces of the puzzle and see why one part of our business cannot be successful without the other. We have started to see some huge benefits both externally when recruiting new customers, and internally when communicating why we do what we do.

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