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Content Marketing Training

Learn how to produce compelling and valuable content in-house that inspires your customers and enhances your on-page SEO.

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Website and WordPress Training

Manage your own website in-house with essential WordPress training. Learn how to update pages and upload articles to prevent your website seeming stale.

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Search engine optimisation Training

SEO is often a scary concept for most businesses, but in reality it is just a series of best practices enforced by search engines. Learn more about how to improve your SEO.

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Content Marketing Training

Learn how to produce and use compelling and valuable content

We are living in an age of great opportunity where businesses have the power to tell stories cheaply, instantaneously, and with great impact. Learn how to utilise this for your brand with our Content Marketing Training and workshops specifically crafted for your business.

Whether it is general knowledge to help your organisation understand and utilise the changing digital world, or workshops designed to create specific content calendars, our knowledgeable team can help.

Website and WordPress

Manage your own website in-house and make the most of WordPress

Websites are no longer a tangle of html and php coding that mere mortals can’t decipher, they are built on intelligent content management systems like WordPress that can be easily used and updated within organisations. Spend some time with us learning how to manage your website so that you can post articles, update pages and testimonials and adjust images all in the comfort of your own office.

Google prefers sites that are updated regularly so why not make the most of WordPress today!

Search engine optimisation

Be in control of your search engine appearance and rankings

SEO is a constantly evolving concept and many businesses don’t know enough about it to know what they can and can’t control in-house every day. By taking the time to get to know more about Google’s best website practices, SEO won’t seem like such a foreign concept and it may even become something you look forward to implementing!

We can help you learn more about SEO and even put together an SEO plan that combines activities you can implement today and things you may want to outsource to an expert.

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