Very Good Marketing for Small Business

The #1 Marketing Book For Small Business

Amy Miocevich’s Caterpillar Framework™ is a proven antidote to the confusion, unpredictability, and disconnect of modern marketing. The groundbreaking method for articulating the customer journey into a clear and simple model that connects and aligns leaders, employees and external parties with organisation goals. Very Good Marketing by Amy Miocevich will transform the way you approach marketing and growth forever.


What will you learn from this book?


Map your customer journey

Map your customer journey across the 5 major touchpoints

Create touchpoint strategies

Create a deliberate strategy for each of your touchpoints

Overcome your bottlenecks

Identify and overcome your business's growth bottlenecks

Measure the effectiveness

Measure what's working and what's not - using just 2 metrics

Align your organisation

Align everyone within your organisation in 5 minutes

Understand how to improve your marketing plan

Constantly improve your marketing plan to achieve resilient, long term growth forever

What's inside the book

Have a read of a few snippets from the chapters of Very Good Marketing

Chapter 7: Marketing

To gain the most amount of traction in marketing you need to create focus in 4 key areas:

  • target market
  • marketing message
  • purpose
  • marketing channels

Chapter 8: Shop Window

Your shop window must do the following:

  • Talk to your target market
  • Articulate how you solve problems
  • Be clear and simple
  • Paint an image of success
  • Help your customers learn more about you
  • Entertain them
  • Ask for the sale
  • Employ a clear sitemap

Chapter 9: Sales

To unlock the potential of your sales team, you will need each person to be able to:

  • deliver sales and marketing techniques at every customer touchpoint
  • follow a strict procedure for sales
  • perform sales tasks with consistency
  • support each other as a team and work together to achieve goals
  • support the other areas of the growth system
  • use a CRM system consistently to track progress
  • commit to experiments and constant improvement

Chapter 10: Product Delivery

The concept of marginal gains is about making improvements to the critical, non-essential elements that make up the delivery.

Examples of this are:

  • the way your receptionist answers the phone
  • the way your products are packaged before they are shipped out
  • the way your customer receives an invoice

Chapter 11: Lifetime Customers

The greatest amount of value for any business lies in your ability to generate referrals and repurchases from your happy, existing customers. Lifetime customers are approximately five times more likely to repurchase, five times more likely to refer, and seven times more likely to try a new offering than are strangers. They are also much more likely to forgive than any other past customer.

Amy Miocevich - Director of Lumos Marketing: For Small Businesses

About the Author, Amy Miocevich

Amy Miocevich is a Perth-based marketing expert who works closely with Small Business owners and founders to achieve their goals through very good marketing strategy. Amy’s approach to marketing strategy is simple, powerful and based on frameworks that stand the test of time.

Aside from writing, Amy is also the founder of Perth-based #1 Small Business Marketing provider, Lumos Marketing, providing premium marketing at small business prices. Amy founded Lumos Marketing to create honest, transparent and powerful marketing solutions for small businesses who wanted to achieve their goals and grow their revenue.

Amy is available to speak at your next event and provide exceptionally useful training to anyone who wants to implement a simple and effective marketing strategy for their small business.


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