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Your website is the place your customers will spend the most amount of time before they get in touch with you. And a website that is underperforming will cost your business thousands of dollars. In fact the majority of businesses we work with spend money on marketing to strangers, only to lose them when they visit their website.

A website analysis is the process of analysing your website, imagery, layout and its content to uncover optimisation opportunities. It will help you convert more customers, get clarity on your messaging and ensure that your brand offerings match consumer needs and that your site’s structure can be easily read by Google’s crawlers.

A Lumos Marketing expert will undertake a website analysis and provide you with a hit list of recommendations to get your site converting above industry benchmark.

Get started with a FREE analysis of your company’s Website

Learn how to increase your website conversion rates

Convert more visitors into leads by harnessing marketing techniques from leading companies

Uncover technical site issues

Reveal hidden technical site issues that may be stopping your site from performing. Mobile responsiveness, speed issues and more.

Communicate your brand better

Does your website pass the grunt test? If we can’t understand what you do in 5 seconds or less on your website, chances are – nobody can.

Asking customers to take action

Don’t miss opportunities to generate leads with buttons and clear instructions for customers on what to do next to get in touch with you

What happens after you request a Website Analysis?

Research and discovery

Our team starts by diving into your current website to evaluate what is working, what might not be working and what changes will make a big difference. We also look at other people within your industry for comparison.

Website Assessment call

We get in touch with you to schedule a Website Analysis call where we go through with you our findings and recommendations for the future.

If we believe we can help you make these improvements, we book in a time for us to come and chat in person.